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Types of Hernia – A Detailed Analysis

Laparoscopic Hernia Operation

The number of patients suffering from hernia increasing in Varanasi at an alarming rate. According to Senior medical practitioners of Varanasi, there exist lots of reasons for this potential epidemic disease, some of which are deep injury, early surgery cases and heavy weight lifting. In most of the cases, hernia can be treated by surgical approach. This is either by Open Hernia Operation or by Laparoscopic Hernia Operation.

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Primarily, there are generally four types of hernia; which are as follows-

Inguinal Hernia:

It is the common type of Hernia. About 70% of patients suffering from hernia belong to this category. These hernias occur when the intestines bulge through a sensitive part of the body or lower abdominal wall, it mainly affects inguinal canal. This hernia is more common among men as compared to women.

The inguinal canal is detected in the groin. In this part of the body, the path of spermatic cord starts from the abdomen and ends in the scrotum. This cord helps to detain the testicles. Generally, this type of hernia is found in males. The inguinal canal bears a ligament, in the cases of women that holds the uterus in place.

Hiatal Hernia:

This kind of hernia happens when a part of your stomach bulges out through the diaphragm into your chest. The term diaphragm is associated with respiratory organ, generally a sheet of muscle, which helps in breathing by conducting a smooth air flow into the lungs.

This type of hernia usually occurs in elderly women, generally at the age of 50 or later. It mostly causes gastro esophageal reflux. It occurs when the stomach contents get pushed backward into the esophagus and results in burning sensation. In very few cases, this condition is found in the children. In such cases, It is considered congenital or birth defect.

Umbilical Hernia:

Umbilical hernias usually affect kids as well as infants under 6 months. This occurs when their intestines protrude from the abdominal wall near the navel.

It is the only type of hernia which is cured in a natural way or through some medicines in between 1 year. In case it does not gets cured by itself, laparoscopic hernia operation is the best way to remove it.

Incisional Hernia:

This type of hernia can occur after an abdominal surgery. Often it happens that after an abdominal surgery, the scars of incisions doesnt heal completely. Thus, intestines can bulge out through the scar of previous incision or the weakened tissue.

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