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Cure Heart Problems at Varanasi Hospital

Cure Heart Problems

In India, heart problems are like epidemic and is one of the largest causes of death over the years. It refers to different components in heart that are affected by some sort of diseases. A common cause is the insufficient amount of pumping of blood and oxygen between the heart and rest of the human body.

Statistics suggest 30 million heart patients in India and almost 2 lakh heart surgeries are performed every year. Out of this 30 million heart patients, 14 million are from urban areas and the rest 16 million are from rural areas.

The most common heart problems in India is due to diabetes, hypertension, obesity, coronary heart disease and congenital heart disease. In Varanasi, research was performed on an urban community and its purpose was to check the statistics of coronary heart diseases in people, especially aged above 60, and the risk factors like their smoking habits and diabetes mellitus that were influencing it.

Heart Problems

Since a large group of urban community in Varanasi follows an unhealthy lifestyle, inappropriate eating habits, lack of sleeping habits and their dependencies on alcohol and cigarettes, this has further raised the level of heart problems in people living in those areas. Especially the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases have increased due to severe consumption of cigarettes and tobacco products. The other factors that give rise to heart problems are heredity, high blood pressure, high serum cholesterol.

Due to the rise in numbers of patients, who are suffering from acute heart problems and congenital heart diseases (especially among children), free heart check-up camps are being organized at renowned hospital in Varanasi. There are other hospitals that are providing effective treatment facilities for patients suffering from heart problems in Varanasi and one of the best is the Varanasi Hospital.

At Varanasi Hospital, there are latest tools provided for conducting separate examinations on patient’s lungs, heart and other cardiac organs.  The blood pressure and stress levels are monitored thoroughly and then the treatments are provided to the patients with heart problems at Varanasi Hospital.

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