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Everything You Need to Know about Kidney Damage & Dialysis

Our kidneys are an imperative part of our body. It filters the blood present in our body and removes waste through the means of urine. But kidneys are exposed to several threats that cause the former to work inappropriately. For instance, consumption of excessive alcohol hampers the performance of kidney.

The procedure of kidney damage is gradual and you usually get several alarming signs when it gets affected. Also known as symptoms, the signs warn you to stop anything that is affecting the kidney and pay a visit to an experienced doctor. Some common signs of kidney damage are reduced amount of urine, chest pain, nausea, shortness of breath, confusion and swelling in legs.

Kidney Damage in Varanasi

Kidney damage requires quick action or it can be threaten your life. There are two options when it comes to the advanced treatment for kidney damage. The first option that you can opt for is kidney transplant. It is a surgery where a new kidney replaces the damaged kidney in the patient’s body. However, it is a long procedure as one needs to receive the kidney of a donor only if it is compatible with the patient’s system. The risk doesn’t end here; the patient needs to consume several immunosuppressive drugs; which has some life-threatening side effects. More importantly, if the transplant operation fails, the patient might die.

With that said, the second option that you can opt for is dialysis. Now what actually is dialysisTo begin with, it is the treatment procedure wherein blood is purified using a machine that works like a kidney. It is a recurring procedure, which means that a patient needs it at specific intervals. The interval depends upon several factors such as the performance of damaged kidney, weight and the frequency of fluid gained after last dialysis.

Dialysis at Varansi Hospital

A dialysis is not a comprehensive solution and doesn’t has the capability to cure kidney damage from core. Instead, it extends the life of a patient. However, it involves lesser risks and cost than kidney transplant and is chosen ahead of its alternative by many patients in India.

Varanasi Hospital has recently introduced dialysis; which made it one of the first health centres in Varanasi to achieve this feat. After all, it truly operates abiding by its tagline – Keeping Alive…the hope of Life!

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