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Hernia Treatment

Hernia Treatment Varanasi Hospital

We, at Varanasi Hospital, offer scar-less, painless and bloodless solutions to cure hernia. We are equipped with advanced and updated tools to practice the most recommended, laparoscopic hernia surgery in Varanasi. During this surgery, 3 tiny (5mm) incisions are made in the abdominal area of the patient for executing the surgical procedure.

Hernia is a condition in belly wherein contents of abdomen bulges through its cavity wall. It may occur in any part of the abdominal area. It might originate from previous operations scars (Incisional Hernia) or groins (Inguinal Hernia). It is a fairly common disease and the only cure is by surgery, conventional/ open or laparoscopic hernia surgery.

The problem is minor at the initial stage, but might grow to be a life-threatening problem, if left untreated. The bulges formed during hernia require surgeries to be cured.  Laparoscopic repair has replaced the traditional treatments because of more convenience and minimal pain, good cosmoses & early return to work.

Is Laparoscopic hernia operation safe?

Laparoscopic hernia operation is safer than traditional surgeries as the procedure is less damaging to tissues surrounding the protrusion. A patient’s body receives less scars and recovers quickly from the surgery. Hernia might develop again if the surgical procedure is not practiced properly in the first instance. Prosthetic material (mesh) is used to prevent reoccurrence of hernia.

Though laparoscopic surgery is recommended in most of the case, it is not suitable in a select few.  We, at Varanasi Hospital, analyse & assess every patient before performing laparoscopic hernia operation. In case laparoscopic solution is appropriate, we advise the same, thus helping patient with the best standards of care. The patients experience a painless recovery, early return to home & work with practically nil side effects.

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