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Hernia Surgery

A hernia occurs due to a weakness in the muscles of the abdomen or pelvis. A soft tissue bulges out through a weakened spot in the wall. Hernias generally do not go away on its own. It needs a proper and timely treatment in order to avoid the unfortunate. A hernia operation is one of the most requested surgeries at present. There are two main methods to perform the surgery- traditional open method and minimally invasive (laparoscopic) method.

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Even though a hernia is not a life threatening illness, it surely affects the quality of life to a significant extent. Not only it limits the mobility and activities of the individual, but it also challenges their mental well being. The laparoscopic hernia operation is considered as the best treatment option yet. Though has been in existence for quite some time, its effectivity increased significantly, after the usage of surgical mesh was included.

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Hernia Surgery Mesh

The only convenient cure for a hernia is the laparoscopic hernia operation. However, several times it has been witnessed that even a hernia repair doesn’t ensure the recurrence of a hernia will not occur. Thus, surgical mesh for a hernia came into existence. Surgical mesh is a small flexible medical device that offers extra support to the weakened tissue.

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