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Hernia Surgery Recovery – Open v/s Laparoscopic Approach


The human body has been perfectly engineered with each organ having its specific functions.  Sometimes, when the degree of a certain disease progress beyond its recovery, it needs surgical care instead of just medicines. A hernia is one of the diseases that often need surgical correction. In fact, several people are undergoing Laparoscopic Hernia Operation in all over India. Even despite its advantages, many still prefer the traditional approach.

And the recovery is as important part of the surgery itself. So, let’s discuss the aspect of recovery in depth, for both open surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

Recovery time
The main question strikes, how long does it take to recover after the successful completion of the surgery? Well, it depends on the type of surgery significantly.  If it is the open surgery, then the recovery process can be pretty lengthy, while in the case of Laparoscopic Hernia Operation, the recovery duration is pretty short and even more comfortable.

Hospital stay
The hospital stay is usually between three to five days after the open surgery procedure. This is usually done as a safety measure and to watch out for any complication post-surgery. This becomes mostly an outpatient procedure in case of Laparoscopic Hernia Operation.

Resume to the normal life
After an open surgery procedure, the patient needs to be careful and follow the guidelines strictly for at least six to eight weeks, before even putting a toe out of line. This time reduces significantly to two weeks in case of the laparoscopic procedure.

Addressing the wounds
This is another major point in the event of the recovery. The open surgery is associated with large incisions has large stitches and need extensive care towards them. The laparoscopic one, on the other hand, involves very minimal stitches. In the case of dissolvable stitches has been using, it will start to dissolve in a week or two. The non-dissolvable ones, however, needs to be retaken out after a week or so.

On the way out after the discharge, some family or friend must accompany them back to home, as driving themselves can be extremely dangerous. This holds true even for the laparoscopic procedure, as after the administration of anesthesia, the patient is not fully aware of their surroundings.

No matter what the procedure, the patient must be taken home and looked after for few days and to watch out for any complications and to assist them in recovery.

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