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Hernia and Its Cure: When Does One Need an Emergency Surgery?

There are several medical conditions that require you to call the ambulance as soon as possible; as every second counts. For instance, if one does not go for a planned laparoscopic hernia operation on time, there might be a chance of having an emergency surgery for the same. Let’s understand hernia first in details.

Hernia is a disease in which a part of the internal organ or tissue bulges out of the outer layer of the skin. This may protrude through either the natural opening of the body, such as the belly button and the groin or it may also protrude through a weak spot of the skin, mainly the site of a previous injury or surgery.

There are several kinds of hernia, based upon the site, severity of the hernia and the age of the patient. These are namely umbilical hernia, hiatal hernia, inguinal hernia, incisional hernia and many more. These hernias are generally non-fatal and gives ample time to address and rectify it.

Several patients live with minor to no discomfort for years before going for surgery. Some even try some other means to rectify it, but in vain as the surgery is its only cure. It is mostly carried out as a planned procedure. But it becomes an emergency procedure if the hernia in consideration becomes strangulated or incarcerated.

The emergency laparoscopic hernia operation adds several risky aspects in it. As a matter of fact, the risk of mortality associated with the same enhances seven times in case of emergency surgery as compared to the planned surgical procedure.

The recovery period, which usually lasts from 2 to 3 weeks also lengthens comparatively. Overall, it means that an unplanned and immediate surgical procedure gives rise to several additional complications.

So, what can be done? Since hernia is not a fatal medical emergency, there is no sense of turning it into one. To mitigate the possibility of an emergency procedure, one must address it and go for laparoscopic hernia operation as soon as the doctor suggests. There are several reliable healthcare providers that offer laparoscopic surgery to cure hernia permanently.

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